Unlike other Universities which are always located at large urban centres, the Małopolski University for Children is located in a small town (15 000 inhabitants),Trzebinia in south Poland. The children come from other small cities and villages nearby.

We commenced our activities in September 2008. There are 170 students, aged 6-13,  attending the lectures every two weeks, always on Saturday morning. From September to June there will be some 18 lectures over the whole academic year.

The lectures take place at "Dom Kultury "Sokół", a multi-purpose venue hosting cultural events, including our University.

The organizer is a non-profit foundation which operates without
a principal external partner. Our aim is to develop a permanent link between academic community of the region, and children living in areas far from academic centres. The University Council consists of four academic staff from Jagiellonian University in Krakow.
Lectures are given by academic staff members of several universities (Jagiellonian University in Krakow, AGH University of Science and Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw, Polish Academy of Science).

Every session lasts 2-3 hours: a one-hour lecture, a half an hour general discussion, then one-to-one discussions with a lecturer and some organizing activities like getting
a pass or receiving small bonuses.

The students keep track of their attendance in small student record books, by getting a unique stamp
for every lecture they have participated in.

Jolanta Rozowska
project coordinator